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Millennialism Resources

Wayne Jackson has a fairly detailed examination of Premillennialism at his interesting Christian Courier site. He also has a good general discussion of rapture/pre-millennial theory in his good review/dismantling of the Left Behind series.

A concise run-down of several competing theories of Premillennial teaching can be found here.

A sample of one of the many defenses of Premillenialism on the web may be found in this example by David Burns.

Steve Rudd offers this Premillennialism Refuted Home page, in that inimitable Steve Rudd style. :) Speaking of this site, an article in this section, 14 ways that Premillennialism contradicts the Bible (written by Dave Willis) was reposted in this ezboard forum. I thought the post, and especially the responses to it interesting.

The Blue Letter Bible site offers an excellent and fairly well-balanced synopsis of the major 4 Views on the Millennium.

A treatment of Premillennialism by Wayne Wells is reposted here by Dr. Ken Matto. Dr. Matto seems pleased with Bro. Wells' treatment of the subject at hand, but he feels compelled to offer an editorial warning at the top of Bro. Wells' 'erroneous' teaching on a different topic. It's mildly amusing. Another useful article at this site, this one by Dr. Matto, examines whether the 1000-year reign of Christ is literal or figurative.

Here are some other links that I haven't looked into much yet. Note that the titles are not editorials on my part, but are taken from the pages themselves:

Some links on Margaret MacDonald, the 20-year-old charismatic who is frequently cited as the "mother" of the doctrine of the Rapture:

  • M. MacDonald's Rapture Vision - includes a copy of Ms. MacDonald's letter describing her vision.
  • What is The Rapture? - an unabashedly pro-Rapture "explanation" of what it is. It's rife with errors and uncited claims (my favorite is the one that goes, "About 85 percent of Christian theologians and Christians who have studied the Bible (as opposed to just reading it) believe in the Rapture..."). I leave it here as an example (and certainly far from the worst) of the level of thinking on this subject that is quite prevalent, and on all sides of the issue(s).
  • Origins of the Secret Rapture Hoax - a collection of writings by Dave MacPherson on the origins of Rapture doctrines, and the backgrounds and lives of influential advocates of it. MacPherson is apparently something of an expert on current and historical Millennial teachings.
  • Rapture Ready is a Rapture advocacy and education site by a seriously convinced believer in a coming rapture. He has an article here called Margaret MacDonald Who?, to which Dave MacPherson provides this response.
  • The Not So Secret Rapture by Fred Rice - very interesting treatment of the Rapture doctrine(s).
  • Rapture Fever - Interestingly, this is the front page to an entire book on the subject by Gary North, available for free online (in HTML and PDF formats).
  • History: The Pretribulational Parousia of Margaret MacDonald | Dispensationalist Dementia
  • Not Deceived Network is a site whose "... Our purpose is to disprove the belief that Jesus is coming before (pretrib) or even in the middle (midtrib) of the tribulation. And He has not yet come back (Acts 1:9-11).". Among the many resources here, the article on Origins of Pretribulation Belief is of interest.
  • Pre-Tribulation Rapture Links - a very extensive collection

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