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dot Conservative and non-Institutional? what's that?
By Non-institutional, I refer to congregations which do not, as a body and from their treasury, support human institutions or organizations (like missionary societies, orphan's homes, "Christian" schools, publishing cooperatives, soup kitchens, United Way, etc.), and which do not support institutions or preachers by sending money to another congregation (the 'sponsoring' church) for their elders or decision-makers to decide how to redistribute.

(More on institutionalism)

The word Conservative is related, but by it I refer to congregations which do not seek to "innovate" in worship or doctrine, including things like kitchens, instruments of music, "Mom's day out" (i.e., church-sponsored day-care), couples retreats, church-sponsored youth clubs and recreational outings, coffee and donuts at worship, women preachers, accepting divorce for reasons other than adultery, etc.

These are specific examples, but the two words are referring to sort of broad schools of approach to the Scriptures. Note that I am not "creating labels". Rather, I am using words the way they are meant to be used - to define, describe, and inform. All accusations to the contrary will be cheerfully ignored.

Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. - 1 Cor. 16:13

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